Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Darla Haun Actress / Model / TV Host Link:
darlahahn.com/Host/DarlaTVHost.htmlNikon D300+105mm AF Micro, 1/250s, F/3 , ISO 400
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Avis Wrentmore in 50's Retro Glamour Style

AVIS WRENTMORE Actress / Model / TV Host Link
Avis Wrentmore entered the contest for a role on Mad Men. If you want to vote for her go hereNikon D300+VR 18-200mm, 1/250s, F/4.5 , ISO 100
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Polen Heaven

Nikon D300+105mm AF Micro, 1/250s, F/8 , ISO 400
Frederic Charpentier ©

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Profoto light

Bye bye Novatron.
Hello Profoto !!!
After many years of loyal service, my Novatron light kit was falling a part.
So it was time to get new Strobes. It's not that I was unhappy with the Novatron system, but it's a small company and I wanted to expand, so I decide to go for a different brand that could support my ambition.

First I explored the big names like Bowens, Bronclor, Dyna-lite etc.... And after all that, I went for the Profoto brand for 3 very good reasons. First, Profoto is a very trusted Swedish company known for their quality. Second, is the fact that you can rent their really large panoply of lights and accessories pretty much all around the world. And third, I GOT A GREAT DEAL! I got a kit that includes two 600 w/sec mono-lights, two light stands, two reflectors and two umbrellas in a beautifully crafted carrying case.

Okay let me give you a little perspective here. One Profoto ComPact-R 600 Monolight without the reflector goes for $ 804.95. And that's just about the lowest price I could find. I got a set of two and everything else for $ 1699.95 PLUS a $100 instant rebate at Sammy's Camera here in Los Angeles, CA.

Wireless baby... Yes wireless !
Did I mention that these babies have a built in radio triggering system?

So I got myself a Pocket-Wizard and the Sekonic L-358 flash-meter and now I'm free to move around with no cable attached to my camera or flash-meter.
I have to say, not only are they beautifully designed, they really look and feel well made.
I completed my kit with a barndoor and Softbox from Photoflex. My preferred basic set-up.

I've just started working with them and so far so good.

Now I'm headed out into the real world with theses babies and in a few weeks I'll write you a full review.

Product information is personal opinion and provided for informational purposes only. I have no affiliation with the brands or companies mentioned here.

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