Sunday, October 21, 2012


For the breast cancer awareness month. I shot an editorial fashion spread with TV host Adrianna Costa from "EXTRA TV" for FCM magazine.

The theme was pink (color of the ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness).

Fortunately for  this shoot I had some time to plan and prepare.
So I story-boarded the main shots I visualized.

Then I thought you would be interested to see what I planned and what end up to be shot and  published.

I wanted to open the editorial story with a double page. So the day of the shoot I decided to make this concept horizontal.

For this concept I though painting the ribbon on the background would be a nice touch. Not subtle though !

 This Concept made the cover.

Adrianna Costa was a fantastic model to work with.
despite an eye infection. She was very professional. Came on time and had a lovely and up keeping personality.
We all fell in love with her...

Photographer: Frederic Charpentier ©
Stylist: Gus Castaneda
Stylist Assistant: Teressa Foglia
Hair Stylist: Ryan Burrell
Make up: Gus Castadena

For strobist:
One Profoto 600R with a 7 feet parabolic silver umbrella behind me, the center of the strobe been up to 8 feet and a bit to my left.

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