Thursday, April 3, 2014

I've got a PEEK on my site.

I'm always wondering what is the first impression of the people when they're going on my site for the first time. Then I find out about PEEK
It's a service that ask randomly a person to go on your website and give a recording of their first impression.
It's super easy to do, Just give your website address and email and it's FREE...
So I gave a try. I took a couple days for the PEEK video to be emailed to me.
At first it was pretty frustrating since the person I've got didn't know how to scroll on my site and barely saw anything of my work. So made some judgment on the 10% visible to her.
So I didn't know if is it something that most of the people that goes on my site had difficulty with and I should address it immediately or it was just that visitor...
Here is the link of the video:

Then I asked around and it turned out that it was an issue and some people had trouble to figure out the lateral scrolling on my site to view the rest of the photos.

So the next 2 days I redesigned my site. here it's how it looks now.

Since they allowed 3 Free PEEKs per month. I sent an other request a couple days ago. Should come anytime soon. I'll do an update as soon as I get the video.

I think that anyone who has an professional website should do it. You don't always know who goes to your website and what are their purpose. But a percentage of them are visiting it for some interest of maybe hiring your services and maybe few are leaving your pages because they cannot figure out how to navigate...

Give it some thought, give it a try and let me know your experience.

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