Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The LensPen first impression (review) !

I was looking at different ways to clean my lens.
Something other than the standard micro fiber tissue. I wanted something small and compact to carry around in my case that works.

So I went on Ebay and typed "cleaning lens kit". Wow! I saw a lot of something called the LensPen. Never heard about it before. I was curious. The LensPen has a brush on one side and uses a "special non-liquid cleaning element, designed to never dry out" to lift dirt from optics including camera lenses, binoculars, telescopes .... It's "dirt cheap" and so I ordered it! For a total of less than ten bucks. I got it in just a few days and well yeah. It looks like a pen. But does it work?

The company claims that the LensPen will NEVER scratch the lens. But I was still a bit skeptical. I'd hate to ruin one of my thousand dollar lenses over an advertising gimmick!

So I took an old lens, I had laying around, and put my big fat fingerprint on it. Following the instructions: I first I pushed out the retractable brush and wiped my lens clean of all the visible dust.

Then I removed the cap from the other end to revel the carbon tip. I gently, wiped the lens with the tip, using a circular motion.

I wasn't convinced. After taking a close look there were still smudges. But continuing to follow the instructions, I breathed lightly on the surface of the lens leaving a little moisture and repeated the process.

It was then that I saw how well this pen works. The lens was truly clean and I got it done in less time and effort than with the messy sprays and other things I've used over the years!

So, my take on this LensPen is that basically, it's a great tool that I will never leave my camera bag. It's great for a quick clean that works and is fast. But I still believe that for the really tough smudges other than finger prints, I will be better off using micro fiber cloths and professional sprays.

1. Easy to carry
2. Cheap
3. Works fast
4. Seems to be gentle on lenses
5. Love the concept
6. 500 Uses

1. Not good for big cleaning jobs
2. Has 500 uses, but doesn't tell you when you're running out of uses

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