Wednesday, January 2, 2013



For 2013 I will be doing a weekly test shoot in fashion or portrait photography.
That's at least 52 test shoots this coming New Year!

The test shoots can be anything from, a one look beauty shot to a 10 looks fashion editorial.
Most of the shoots will be done here in my Los Angeles Studio.
And I'm looking to hook up with all kinds of talented, motivated and inspired artists.

- MODELS: Must be professional agency represented or really interesting subjects like dancers, actors...
- ART DIRECTORS: I am open to new ideas. So if you have a vision for something you'd like to do please contact me.
- MAKE UP ARTISTS, HAIR STYLISTS and WARDROBE STYLISTS: must have professional experience and a strong portfolio.
: To shoot and edit a one minute behind the scenes video of the shoot.

You can be involve in just one project or more, depending on how we are getting along and how inspired you are.
Everyone involved will get at least one retouched photo from the shoot.
Assuming we will create great work together these photos will be a great addition to all of our portfolios.

You absolutely cannot be a flake. This is a professional level project not a student project.
You can see my work at .

Why am I doing a 52 weeks project ?
To stimulate my creativity, meet more people in the industry, experiment, get out of my comfort zone and create breakthrough new work.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

I did a test a couple week ago to see what I can handle. So this project will be called week zero of 52.

 Nikon D800+35-70 mm, 1/200, F/4.5, ISO 100

 Nikon D800+50mm1.4D, 1/100, F/2.2, ISO 200

 Nikon D800+85mm1.4D, 1/180, F/2.8, ISO 400

Photographer: Frederic Charpentier ©
Model: Natalie Jane @ Envy model
Make up: Tara Daniels.

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